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Text Link Traffic Exchange Programs

Here we list the programs where you can add text link advertising to your websites or blogs. Some will offer the opportunity for you to exchange links in return for traffic, and some will simply exchange cold hard cash every time someone clicks on a text link ad from your site. Some good prorams here for both cash earning opportunities and also to gain plain old advertising for your website(s)!

Program: Ref Levels: Earn Cash or Advertising: Rating: Join Link:
Adsvert 5 levels Advertising Join
Comments: Get fully targeted Text Ads shown on thousands of web sites absolutely FREE! Adsvert is Free to Join & Use - Triple Ad Exposure System - Incredible viral marketing system - Full Geographic country or region targeting - Full Category driven targeting - No HTML programming knowledge required - Can be used on any web site - No Bidding or ridiculous pay per click charges -

Get 5000 FREE Text Impressions for signing up and offers a 5 level referral program. You also get 1000 free credits for every 1st level referral and 100 for every 2nd to 5th level referral.

Preview of text links you place on your site:

Program: Ref Levels: Earn Cash or Advertising: Rating: Join Link:
Bidvertiser 1 level Both Join
Comments: Bidvertiser is, what is know as a, PPC Advertising Program, but is very much in conjunction with text link exchanges. You can either advertise your site or you can place text links on your site and/or blog and every time a visitor clicks on one of these links you will be rewarded with cash.

The referral program offers a set amount per referral. Plus your referral has to earn a specific amount before you get that referral credit. So gaining active referrals will be highly beneficial to how much you can earn.

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