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Where do I start creating and building a Website?

If you want to get anywhere online then you need a website! Well, you need somewhere to showcase your products or give people information on whatever it is you want to sell or promote... right?

The basics you need:

- An idea of what you want your website for. Is it to write information on a specific topic, sell goods etc.?

- A Web Host: Everybody needs a 'host' for their website so you will need to find a company that will do this. See below

- A Domain Name: Is www.mysite.com, you will need one to make your site look more professional and obviously so people can find you! Make sure you try to pick a domain name that matches the content of your site.

How do I get started... I don't know anything about web design?

You have two options when deciding how to start your website;
a) pay somebody to design it for you or
b) do it yourself for free!

If you have no idea of Web Design, HTML Coding, Scripting or anything else, then fear not as there are tons of resources offered by web hosting companies these days, in the form of WYSIWYG editors. WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get. You can basically type and insert pictures etc. without the need for any coding or otherwise.

In the long run however, it may be prudent for you to learn some kind of web design and coding. It is more flexible and varied in what you can achieve with the effects on your website. There are lots of resource and information sites on the internet that can help. But if you are just starting out WYSIWYG editors are excellent idea.

So you now need to find a host!

Our recommendation:

We highly recommend you try Yahoo Web Hosting as they have everything you need to get started all in one place. It is great for beginners as they have lots of tools such as Yahoo PageBuilder, which is a point and click editor. Yahoo PageWizards, Yahoo Site Solution and Yahoo SiteBuilder are all tools provided free for you to build your website and you don't have to know any HTML coding or otherwise.

As you progress, they have more advanced tools available, HTML editors, Scripting tools and so on. They do have something for all levels of web designers.

They will also provide you with your domain name as part of the package, so there is no hassle looking elsewhere to sort this out.

You can choose from Starter, Standard, Professional or Merchant packages. You can start off at the Starter and upgrade as and when you feel the need to.

Free Web Hosting

There are a lot of free web host's around if you don't yet feel ready to pay for a service. But bear in mind with free hosts, you will have lots of restrictions on things like bandwidth (basically the amount of visitors you can have), you probably won't be able to have your own domain name, and you will also most likely have to display ads on your site - which is why the company offers the service free.

A handful of free services:

Free Webs


Bravenet -

Get Blogging.

You've all probably heard about Blogs. Blogs are like on online diary, and you can use them to share, just about any topic, with the world you want. There are lots of Blog Companies around where you make your own Blog for FREE such as Blogger and WordPress

You can also see our own Blog here.

Some useful Web Hosting Links

Site Build It
SBI! is more than a Web host. It's a one-of-a-kind blend of content, process and tools that drives success (domain name and hosting included). Whether your a newbie "work at home" individual, savvy Web marketers/Webmasters, affiliates, vendors of e-goods/hard goods, eBay sellers, network marketers (MLM) or offline business owners, SBI will work for you.

Start Logic
Offer free domains, free setup, excellent walkthroughs and a money back guarantee.

1 and 1 Internet UK
With over 5 million customer contracts worldwide, 1&1 Internet is the largest web hosting company in the world! We offer the latest technology at unbeatable prices to create a value unmatched in the industry. Domains? Shared web hosting? Dedicated web servers? Email solutions? Easy website creators? We have it all. Every new hosting account receives 24/7 phone support, 60 day guarantee, and 400 in full-version software.

1 and 1 Internet International
1&1 combines the web's cheapest hosting and domain prices with friendly service to create an unmatched value. * up to 5 FREE Domains!
* FREE Easy Site Creators!
* FREE Photo Gallery Creator!
* FREE software worth $900!
* Incredible Shared web hosting!
* Powerful Dedicated web servers!
* Affordable Email solutions!
* Much, much more!

IX Webhosting
Superior Service with Excellent 24/7 Toll Free Support, Live Chat, and Email. Linux AND Windows packages!!!

Learn the basics of HTML & CSS - Some useful resources

HTML Beginner Tutorial
Walks you through the basics of HTML and CSS.

CSS Beginner Tutorial
Another site that helps you through the basics of HTML and CSS.

And don't forget if you do a search on Google, or any other search engine for that matter for 'HTML for beginners' you will find literally thousands of sites where you can get help.

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