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  6. No-Minimum
  7. Palm Research

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  1. Top Cashback
  2. Quidco
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The Get Paid to Read Email Section

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By far the BIGGEST section on the site. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of paid email programs around. Getting Paid to Read your Email is by far one of the more popular and successful ways at the moment, to earn some extra cash online.

In this section we review, rate and give basic information about the paid email program in question, such as the minimum payout threshold you will have to reach before you get paid, how many levels or referrals you can earn from, what payment methods they use, and so on.

Like most 'get paid' companies online there are some great, and not so great programs around, sometimes its a matter of trail and error to see which programs are going to suit you best.

If you want to maximise your earnings with these sites, make you sure you stay active and read any paid email they send you on a regular basis. Also, many Paid Email programs will offer Get Paid to Click and Get Paid to Sign Up for offers sections, from which you can earn a little more from. You can usually access these extra earning opportunities what they may have available from your Member Area when you sign up.

Many also offer varying other things, like games you can play, autosurfers and so on. If your a newbie to paid email a great place to start, is the Top Pick paid email programs listed below.

Click here for a few tips that may help organise your Paid Email Portfolio!

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:

Donkey Mails

5 levels - 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%


PayPal, Payza, Okpay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve & Solidtrustpay

Launched February 2005. Great paid email program that has been around a long time now and has been consistently paying members. Aside from paid email you can also earn by visiting the paid to click and paid to promote areas of the site. You can usually reach the 1 minimum payout fairly quickly if you click paid links daily.

Visit/Join >>> DonkeyMails

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:

No Minimum

6 levels - 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%


Paypal or Payza

Launched February 2004. Sister site to Donkey Mails which is also featured here in the Top Pick PTR programs. Very active program that sends emails pretty much daily and as usual there is more to be earned if you visit the paid to click sections on site.

Visit/Join >>> No Minimum

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:


6 levels - 10%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%


PayPal or Gift Certificates

Launched May 2004. Was our number 1 program for quite some time, and deservedly so, but has fell down the rankings a little as paid emails are not as regular as some others listed above. We have been paid many, many times and payments have arrived within a few hours of request. Sends lot of paid emails daily, especially if you opt in to the paid search program.

Visit/Join >>> AdPaid

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:


6 levels - 15%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%


PayPal or Payza

Launched March 2002. Very steady and consistent program, been around for quite some time now. Sends emails pretty much on a daily basis. If you upgrade your membership there is a no minimum payout required to request payout.

Visit/Join >>> GetPaidMail

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:

Dream Mails

1 level - 15%


PayPal or Payza

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:


4 levels - 20%, 10%, 5%, 5%


PayPal or Payza

Launched November 2004. A quick earner this one if you stay active. Has the usual paid to click and search sections on site to enable you to earn more besides paid email.

Visit/Join >>> AquaMails

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:

Old Amsterdam Post

1 level - 10%


PayPal or Payza

Program: Ref Levels: Payout: Payout Methods: Our Rating:

Cash Delight

5 levels - 15%, 8%, 4%, 3%, 1%


PayPal or Payza

Launched June 2003. One of our personal favourites as it has been around so long and is so consistent in paying its members. Very active program that sends a good handful of paid emails daily. Also has the usual paid to click, search and sign up for offers sections where you can earn more.

Visit/Join >>> Cash Delight

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