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The internet is an ever changing place, so we are now running our newsletter slightly differently. You can subscribe to post updates through the Blog or the RSS Feed. You can also find us on Twitter.

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General Info:

The Earn from the Internet Site tries to scrupulously make sure that programs we list on the site have genuine intentions to their members.

Over the years however we have found it harder and harder to weed out the good from the bad - but we do try. Even we have been stung a couple of times, in fact quite a few times, by certain programs, who just never had any intention of paying you for your actions.

Some sites and programs just seem to disappear into oblivion, never to be seen again. Sometimes this is usually down to the owner of the site getting in a bit above their heads and not realising that they can't run or manage the site, and decide to make a quick run for it.

Some sites just end up not paying their members and make a run for it with the cash they have made (nothing more than cheaters that make it hard for the genuine companies to prove themselves and survive) - but bear in mind these kind of sites usually come to the attention of people pretty quickly and aren't usually around for long.

So a couple of points to remember:

  1. You have nothing to lose but time. All that clicking, visiting, reviewing, surveying or reading email just takes time to do and you aren't losing cold hard cash.
  2. Always check out a particular sites F.A.Q or T.O.S sections (Frequently asked Questions & Terms of Service). They will contain important information you will need to know about your account.
  3. If you really want to part with your cash, be careful of what kind of programs that you spend it on, - i.e for advertising or membership upgrades - we never pay for any services unless we are absolutely sure we're going to get a return on what we spend.
  4. Don't expect to get rich quick - it just doesn't happen.
  5. We keep saying this throughout the site but - BE PERSISTENT, you will see the rewards eventually.
  6. Don't think you can rely on this kind of thing as a main source of income, it isn't reliable, mix it up with other things - see our Advice & Info for Freelancers and Homeworkers page, if you are planning to work from home or looking for other sources of income.
  7. At the end of the day it's a pretty easy way to earn, relatively, free money, so if a company or program disappears on you, don't get too disheartened - pick yourself up, dust yourself off and join another program!! There are lots of genuine ones out there, and we will try and guide you the best we can.... :o)
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Some Useful GPT (Get Paid to) Resources:

If you find your having a problem with a certain site or you believe it to be a scam take a look at these sites which you may find helpful.

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