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Tips for Getting Referrals!

A lot of the programs we list here on The Earn from the Internet Site, will, in most cases have some sort of referral program or refer a friend program. This is great because it gives us all an opportuinity to earn more money!!

Referral programs usually work on this basis;

When you sign up for a program, say a paid to read program, you will automatically have the opportunity to participate in the referral program and earn from anybody that joins under your referral link and then becomes a member of your downline.

Most work on a percentage system - like 10% - and a number of levels you can earn from in your downline. You will probably find it very rare these days for a paid to read program to be offering more than 1 level of referrals in your downline, but some still do offer more.

So if you want to boost your downline and/or referrals here are a few of our tips;

- For ANYTHING you wish to sell or promote online, it is always best to have a website or blog. There are a lot of free services around that will provide you with website space for free, but they can sometimes have their limitations and will require you to display their ads. But it is a great way to start. There are a lot of free hosting companies around these days, do a search on Google and you will probably find a whole bunch to choose from.

If you want to make a more professional impression, or just prefer to control you own ad content etc. Take a look at our Start a Website page which will provide you with some good ideas of where to start.

You need to advertise, advertise and advertise some more, but DO NOT spam (unsolicited email and the like) - you'll get yourself in big trouble!! Its seriously frowned upon on the internet. Try;

- Paid to read email programs to send out your advertisments.

- Using traffic exchanges - they are a good way of getting not only traffic to your site, blog or affiliate link but of getting referrals. Check out our Free Traffic Programs page for some ideas.

- Tell everyone you know, friends, family, work colleagues, they might be interested.

- Check out our Webmaster Stuff page for details of other types of advertising programs.

There is a program called Buildreferrals which has been around some time now. They give you the opportunity to help build your downlines in a limited number of programs. Not a site we would highly recommend but one that is worth a look all the same.

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