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AutoSurf Traffic Exchange Programs

This is a great concept for those that don't have the time to click away like with the normal manual traffic exchanges, autosurf programs automatically surf the pages for you. You can even go and do other things while you leave them running. However, bear in mind you aren't going to get high quality advertising results here. But well worth joining if you want the extra hits, and some will even earn you a little free cash as well!!

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Program: Ref Levels: Surf Ratio: Timer (Secs): Earn Cash: Min. Payout: Rating: Join Link:
Smiley Traffic 5 levels 5:4 20 Yes $20 Join
Smiley Cash is an autosurf program that also offers a manual surf program. For the manual surf program you can earn $0.030 every 100 pages you view. Offers 5 levels of referrals where you can earn 5% on each level. Direct referrals who become active members will also earn you $0.15c. Minimum payout is $20 for Free Members and $10 for Upgraded Members - Upgraded membership is completly optional.
ebesucher 2 levels Varies Varies Yes 2 (euros) Join
ebesucher is a german site but is open internationally. The unique thing about this traffic exchange is that you can geo target your sites to specific countries, we think this is the only auto surf traffic exchange we've come across that allows you to do this. You also have the option of choosing how many times per hour or day you want your site shown. Offers 2 referal levels where you can earn at 8% & 5% respectively from your downline. The other added benefit is that you can earn cash, Minimum payout is 2 Euros which is payable via PayPal or bank account. Gives you 100 visitor points and 10 mail points as a bonus for signing up.
10K Hits 1 levels 80% 20 No n/a Join
10K Hits gives you 100 credits just for signing up. There surf ratio is based on the fact that you will earn 80% of the time earned for every site viewed. So if a site is viewed for 60 seconds you will earn 80% of 6 points. On the basic FREE membership you can add up to 3 sites. Do offer a geo targetting option but this is for upgraded members only. Free members however can set the number of hits per hour, overall hit limit and how many seconds you would like your site to be viewed for.
TopSurfer 4 levels 2:1 15 Yes $10 Join
Gives you 100 Credits just for signing up and 100 credits per direct referral and 10% of the hits/credits they earn. You must surf at least 20 sites before your account becomes active. You can only earn cash if you upgrade your membership, which of course requires a fee, but this is totally optional. Have a manual surf option as well as an autosurf.
Program: Ref Levels: Surf Ratio: Timer (Secs): Earn Cash: Min. Payout: Rating: Join Link:
Clickevolution 1 level 1:1 15 No n/a Join
Again you can get a percentage of what your referrals earn from when they surf. From time to time they also offer sign up bonuses to new members. When you show your referral page they will also give you 1 credit. Remember 1 credit is equal to one view to your own site.
Hits UK 5 levels 2:1 15 Yes $25 Join
This is a UK TraffIc Exchange but is open to join for international members. You get 2000 credits for joining and 1000 credits for every person you refer to the program. Also has the option of a manual traffic exchange if you prefer.
AutoHits.info 5 levels 0.6:1 15 No n/a Join
You get 750 credits just for signing up! You also earn a percentage of credits for every page view your referral earns.
AutoHits247 5 levels 0.6:1 10 No n/a Join
You get 1500 credits just for signing up! You also earn 0.15 credits for every page view your referral earns.
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